1.1 - Intro to Truffles


Truffles - done right - can cover all the things we might be craving in a dessert but in the healthiest way possible. Fat, sweetness, crunch, spice. Mmmm... such a delightful mix for the senses and body to indulge into together!

So what are (RAW) truffles exactly?

Food process dried fruit (like raisins, dates, or apricots) + nuts or seeds + spices of your choosing. Roll the dough up into cute little balls. And voila! You have the start of your truffles! If you want to take it a step further, use little bowls of powders or chooped nuts, and roll your little truffle balls around.

Best Practices + Favorite Tips

✦ Be careful to process just enough to get everything well combined but not so much that you have no texture. (If you overprocess, you'll know what you did when you see a big oily glob!)
✦ ANY nuts and seeds can work, and ANY dried fruits can work. Don't be afraid to make your own mix with what you love!
ANY chopped nuts or powders can work to cover your truffles. It's just so much fun to play with the different options!

Love Note

The default mix of readily available carbohydrates + fat = best to limit the amount we eat at one time. Once I taught a truffle course, and at the end we sat at the table chatting together. Over the course of our conversation at a table full of truffles, many of us did overindulge! The result was that several of us together experienced a blood sugar crash. This was the first and last time that has happened in any of my courses! Since then, I usually make much smaller truffles and know better than to gorge myself on 'em!