1.2 - Truffles Template!

Basic Template

Note: Each of the four numbered items is expanded on in its own section below! The salt brings out the flavors and makes a massive difference in the result, but could be skipped if desired.

✦ 2 cups dry base ingredients {1}
✦ 1 1/2 cups dried fruit {2}
✦ spices as desired {3}
✦ 1/8 tsp sea salt
✦ some kind of covering [optional] {4}


1/ Food process your dry base ingredients, dried fruit, desired spices, and salt. You'll want to make sure not to over process because then you end up with an oily blob! The ideal texture is mostly very well mixed but still with a touch of texture. You may like to play with this to suit yourself, of course!

2/ Roll your dough into balls.

3/ Pick your topping(s) and put each topping into its own bowl, with enough space to roll the balls around in. Roll the balls around in your toppings to cover them well.

{1} Dry Base Ingredients (Nuts, Seeds)

The dry base can be mixed up or with just a single ingredient. Whatever works for you is great!

✦ Hazelnuts
✦ Cashews
✦ Walnuts
✦ Pecans
✦ Brazil Nuts

✦ Macadamia
✦ Cashew
✦ Hemp Hearts
✦ Coconut Flakes
✦ Sesame Seeds

✦ Sunflower Seeds
✦ Pumpkin Seeds
✦ Pistachios

{2} Dried Fruit

The sticky part holds your truffles together and makes them sweet without the need for adding sugar.

(for truffles, pie crusts, and more)
✦ Dates
✦ Raisins
✦ Dried Apricots
✦ Dried Cranberries (be sure there is no sugar added!)
✦ Goji Berries
✦ Dried Blueberries
✦ Dried Mulberries
✦ Prunes

{3} Spices+

The sky's the limit on what you could include in your truffles!

Bulk Powders
✦ Blueberry
✦ Acai
✦ Cacao
✦ Carob
✦ Maca
✦ Lucuma
✦ Spirulina
✦ Strawberry

More Flavorful Additions
✦ Cacao Nibs
✦ Vanilla Beans or Vanilla Extract
✦ Coconut Extract
✦ Coffee Extract
✦ Peppermint Extract
✦ Cinnamon
✦ Cloves
✦ Nutmeg
✦ Allspice
✦ Anise
✦ Cardamom
✦ Ginger
✦ Nut/Seed Butters
✦ Sesame Tahini

{4} Covering

The purpose of the covering is to mix things up or spice 'em up. Below you'll find some ideas to get your gears turning!

✦ Chopped nuts
✦ Melted chocolate (you'd then put a plate of truffles into the freezer or fridge for the chocolate to set!)
✦ Coconut shreds
✦ Spices or a spice mix you love
✦ Cacao powder or carob powder to make it extra chocolatey (pictured at right is carob powder, my own preference for chocolate-flavored truffles)