3.1 - Intro to Veggie Wraps

If I just have some collard greens + some kind of veggies on hand + a few basics in my pantry, I know I can work it out to have a beyond-fabulous lunch. For some reason, collard wraps never get old for me!

Things you might love about veggie wraps

✦ Fun and easy to eat.
✦ Feel kinda fancy even though they’re basically just a rearranged version of a salad with dressing!
✦ Travel well.
✦ Stay fresh (in an airtight container!) in the fridge for 2-4 days.
✦ Make for fun party appetizers.

You can have friends and family make their own!

One of the fun things about wraps is that they are so very easy to make, that you can make a fun little shindig out of it with friends and family. Stack a bunch of collard greens (or your chosen wraps) on a plate, and have a wide mix of filling ingredients on the table. VOILA, you have a fun wrap station! And, best of all, everyone gets whatever they want in their wraps.