3.2 - Veggie Wraps Template + Ingredients

1. start with your veggie wrapper.

Examples: collard greens (super easy), Romaine lettuce, large cabbage leaves. Nori sheets or coconut wraps can work as an alternative to fresh veggies!

2. (optional) scoop on a thick dip.

Examples: guacamole, hummus, pate, creamy cheez sauce

This is helping you to bulk up + add calories to your wrap. Plus it adds flavor, so there’s that!

3. fill with bulk veggies

Examples: spinach, chopped lettuce, mushroom slices, matchstick/julienne: carrots, beets, jicama, bell peppers, zucchini, sweet potato

4. add some depth.

✦ Examples: avocado, massaged onions, sun-dried tomato, olives, kimchi, preserved lemon, capers, dehydrated nut cheez, chopped nuts

✦ Adding some kind of crunch, something with a super-creamy texture like avocado, or an “aged” item like preserved lemons or sun-dried tomatoes, can add an intense depth to your wraps.

✦ To make massaged onions: Thinly slice onions, then massage HARD with olive oil and natural salt. They soften up almost like they’ve been sautéed!

5. (optional) add salt and pepper to taste.

This all depends on you, but especially if you have friends and family making a wrap with you (who may be accustomed to pepper and especially salt), you might consider having this as an add-on options.

6. wrap it up!

✦ With collard greens, you’ll fold and roll like you would a burrito. Start by folding the left into the middle, then the right side into the middle. Bring the bottom over the middle, and pull everything together tight.

✦ If desired, cut in half. You can use a toothpick if you’d like to help keep the wrap closed, but it should be unnecessary if you place it with the open part face DOWN on the plate.

7. (optional) dip it!

Think: coconut aminos, cashew cream, lemon tahini dressing, whatever you like. It can be super-fun to dip your lovely finished wraps!