6.2 - Creamy Dill Cucumber Rolls [recipe]

{recipe by Sasha Campbell}

Dill Cream Cheese


✦ 3 medium cucumbers
✦ 1 cup cashews, soaked for 4 hours or overnight
✦ 2 tsp fresh lemon juice
✦ 4 Tbsp fresh dill
✦ 1/4 tsp Celtic sea salt (and an extra pinch)
✦ 3 Tbsp of water
small clove garlic


1/ Process the soaked, drained cashews in the food processor. It will become kind of sticky and form clumps on the side. Make sure to scrape down any nuts that are stuck along the side.
2/ Add the remaining ingredients, and process until smooth and creamy.
3/ Use a mandoline to slice the cucumbers thinly lengthwise.
4/ Take one strip of the cucumber at a time and put a spoonful of the dill cream cheese on the cucumber.
5/ Roll into a little cute package.
6/ When plating, place each roll with the open side down on the plate. For extra fun you can wrap a chive around each roll for extra decoration. Top with a sprig of dill. Make a full plate for a party, or make as a fun snack.